New Work for Gallery MAR, Park City, Utah

Bit by bit the work for my upcoming exhibition at Gallery MAR in Park City, Utah is emerging.  It has been a winter of searching for thread to follow.  Setting the theme with the show title "Atmospheric Intentions," helped guide the work but also stood in the way of more experimental journeys.  The shift toward landscape reference has been sneaking into the work for several years and this show may be the deepest that I have carried the landscape into a full body of work.

New Website, Blogging, Facebook and Who Am I?

I recently redesigned my website with the help of a fantastic local company, the ZaneRay Group. They design many national and international sites, including the Patagonia website, which is one of the most complex outdoor apparel shopping sites around. The entire process forced me to look at the nature of my artmaking and teaching life and business. Immediately, I had the ability to share more, sell more, and "be" more. In the end, I ended up doing what I always have done. My aim is to become a great painter.

Along the way, I have found that I enjoy teaching and the contact with other artists that the workshops provide. Do I need to be a the top of the Google search for "Encaustic Workshops?" Probably not. Who Am I? Shawna Moore, an artist, a mom, a teacher. I may be too simple or too complex to sum up in a single Google search word or phrase, and I'm OK with that. Can you engineer your success? Parts of it, maybe. My website is beautiful and functions well. I also have a friend at Fly Girls Media who helps me greatly with social media and tweaking my site. These are good and necessary things. Will they make me a great painter, probably not. Will coming up at the top of a Google search make me happy? Probably not. Am I complete, am I done, is it good enough? No! Do I live in a modern world, where devices, screens and contact consume my mind and my time? Yes. Can I redouble my efforts to stay more engaged with my artwork, using process and materials to feed my relentless for progress, recognition, and success. Let's hope so.

The goal is to be a great painter. The workshops, websites, facebook postings are the accoutrements of modern business and life. Enjoy them, use them, but they are only accessory to the day by day practice of creativity training and mustering the courageto express and engage as an artist.

Students at Work

I often receive comments from my students after they have taken a workshop.  It is a delight to see artists take flight and learn to conquer their fears and move forward with the techniques we explore.  Here is a note from Montana artist Susan Gellner and a photo of her work since our time together in my studio.

"I practiced technique on a smaller piece yesterday. The circles look odd in the photo but they were done by pounding an object into the wax and then rubbing in burnt umber. It’s called Moving Forward as I refuse to stop and absolutely love the techniques you taught me. I should be getting the larger panels of Baltic birch within the next month. In the meantime, practicing on smalls (8X8) is giving me more confidence. Thanks for the tip on how to do the final coat."

R&F Handmade Paints Offers 30% Discount to Students of Shawna Moore Art

As an affiliated instructor with R&F Handmade Paints, I will now be able to offer all my students, whether in an art center workshop or private workshops in the studio, a one-time post-workshop discount.  This entitles students to 30% off products ordered directly from R&F (except for books or DVDs).

Chicago Workshop

Join me in my favorite American city for two days of Experimental Encaustic. Hosted by artist Jenny Learner at her Zhou B Art Center Studio this workshops is a condensed form of my new class. Contact Jenny for availability and to make your deposit. 773-936-3645. Space is limited.

Santa Fe Workshop with Ellen Koment

"Upside Down #2" by Ellen Koment, 18x24 Encaustic

"Two Artists, Two Points of View,"
Friday, Sat and Sun, June 29-July 1, 2012
Originally Ellen's student, Shawna has gone on to become a leading encaustic artist and teacher. This is the first time we have collaberated to bring the best of our worlds to artists with some experience or new to the medium. Held in Santa Fe in Ellen's new studio.